REVIEW: Singapore Airlines Economy Class (B772)


There’s no other way to put this. Singapore Airlines Economy Class outpaces and outranks most, if not all, economy cabins.






I had the pleasure of experiencing Singapore Airlines Economy Class from Hong Kong to Singapore aboard their Boeing 777-200 aircraft. Singapore Airlines’s economy class is ranked 2nd best in the world by SkyTrax, and consistently ranks in the Top 10 Global Airline Rankings.

We booked the flight using 20,000 Aeroplan miles each for the one-way journey. A quick Google Flights search showed that tickets were going for $369 CAD. Given that Aeroplan miles are worth between 1.5 and 2.5 cents, redeeming at 1.85 cents wasn’t the worst redemption. When you think about it, $369 is pretty steep to pay for a one-way considering the low-cost options available. But, more importantly for us, it was another flight we didn’t have to pay for.

We opted to pay the taxes using miles as well, which is more of a sin than anything else since the redemption value there is less than a cent. Again, it was important for us not to pay for anything more since we were stretching our budget at this point.


At 1.85 cents, the redemption value isn’t the worst considering one-way tickets were $369.

You can definitely fly a low-cost carrier from HKG to SIN if your budget is limited.

Gate 15: HKG to SIN. Virgin Australia codeshares with Singapore Airlines. Boarding was quick and efficient.

A great start to the flight as we left 8 minutes ahead of schedule


The 777-200 (772) is divided into 2 cabins: Economy, and Business Class. The 228-seater Economy cabin is laid out in a 3-3-3 configuration, a rarity in international flying these days. There are 28 lie-flat Business Class seats in a 2-2-2 layout. Economy seats have 34″ of pitch and 17.5″ in width, while Business lie-flats have 27″ in width. Unfortunately, there weren’t any power plugs in the economy seats as this was an older plane.

Singapore Airlines 3-3-3 Economy layout


Boarding was extremely efficient. We were in Group 5 and didn’t have to queue at all. We went straight to the boarding counter and onto our aircraft. Right at the end of the jet bridge, passengers can pick up a pair of headphones for the IFE. In my opinion, this is a great change in service spec, as it minimizes waste, and maximizes Cabin Crew service time. Speaking of Cabin Crew, they were all very well groomed and friendly. Throughout the entire flight they were all very professional and genuinely wanted to attend to everyone’s need.


Our seats 41A and 41B


The seat was very comfy and not once did I feel cramped in the 3 hours flight, in fact there was lots of legroom to stretch my legs out. The overall cabin and bathroom was kept clean and proper, including the carpet floor. I also love how Asian carriers have background music during boarding and deplaning. Adds a nice elegant touch to the whole experience.


Singapore Airlines standard lavatory – kept very clean throughout the flight

I’m 5’8″, not tall by Western standards, but having extra leg room is still awesome


Prior to the main service, we were given a hot towel, menu, a drink, and some peanuts. Mel and I were somewhat shocked at first as we were not expecting hot towels and menus to be included in an Economy Class service.

Peanuts and Orange Juice prior to meal service

Hot Towel service in Economy Class?!


In terms of meal options, we had 3 choices to choose from, the Indonesian, international, or oriental option. I went with the oriental choice while Mel went with the international option. There was a variety of tea options including, Jasmin and Oolong. We were also offered Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert.


Indonesian Option

International Option

Oriental Option

The oriental option features Chinese “Lap Cheong”, a type of pork sausage with a Singapore Sling

Strawberry Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert


Both options were fresh and very tasty. In all honesty, it did not taste one bit like stale “airplane” food. It’s without a doubt the best economy meal I’ve ever had, and ranks very close to some business class meals. Throughout the flight we were offered refills on tea.


Singapore Airlines attention to every bit of detail – a tray is included for tea service


As far as in-flight entertainment options go, there were plenty of movie and TV options. 80 movies and 126 TV shows to be exact. Anything from New Release to Chinese, and International movies to choose from. Comedy, Documentary, Lifestyle, Travel are some of the genre choices when it comes to TV. In addition, there were 200 CD albums, 6 radio channels, and 25 games to keep everyone entertained. Unfortunately, the IFE is a bit outdated, but not laggy or unresponsive. Actually, the last time I remember being able to call another passenger on the handset was in 2009 on an Air France flight to Paris.


This was by far the best economy class experience I’ve ever had – it truly felt like Business Class but in an Economy seat. Singapore Airlines goes above and beyond many full-service carriers, and has a great attention to detail that make the overall experience such a pleasant one. The Cabin Crew are all fantastic and aren’t just there to hand you your meal and drink like some carriers. The quality of their service is definitely something to write home about. By the end of the flight, I thought to myself “Wow, I kinda wish it was a bit longer”. This was one of SQ’s older aircraft so I can only imagine what the flight is like on their newer planes. On top of the great service, we left 8 minutes early, and also managed to arrive 23 minutes ahead of schedule. All in all, I’m glad we were able to redeem our Aeroplan points to experience one of the world’s top economy class services.

Singapore Airlines’s on-time performance ranks in the Top 10

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